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A selection of further coloured illustrations, that I have made for the international franklin-method,


Further examples in the series "Organs under Test" (published and illustrated in the monthly magazine "NATÜRLICH)

-The Pancreas: the spark plug in our body

-The Heart: the pump of  life

-The Eye: the body's own camera system

-The Liver: the biochemical factory in the human body

-The Stomach: necessitates digestion


Our various internal organs transmit signals as to their health condition. When we understand and react accordingly to these conditions, we can improve and rectify them, leading to our general health enhancement and life quality. Through our understanding of these signals, we are in the position to react at the outset in identifying possible warning signals and undertaking appropriate measures in counteracting them.

All Illustrations: Sonja Burger Text.: Bruno Vonarburg

Titelbild Natuerlich
Titelbild Natuerlich
Titelbild Natuerlich
Titelbild Natuerlich

Some of the many lllustrative cover pages created and illustrated for the monthly issue of "NATÜRLICH"


-Amalgam: Toxic waste



The key to Aesthetic Dentistry and to Critical Dental- Implantatin etc.
 illustrated examples.
assigned by PPS and  Prof. Christian Krenkel, Österreich


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Wine with fish dish:

Red or white wine? Well, it's according to your personal taste with your favourite dish, try it with:

Tuna. In fact, all Sea Dishes, eg. Goldbutt, Schrimp, Sea Bass, etc.


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