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Sonja Burger, illustrator and scientific drawer

I am involved in the natural and artificial flow, as well as their visual interpretation and selective rendition; sometimes visually, descriptive or simply representative, all that impresses upon and urges me. New subjects enrich and expand my illustrations continually.

I love detail on one hand; the exactitude of drawing and painting, alternatively; simply color and form to pronounce emphasis. When I am sensitized to tranquility, I paint outdoors prefering my own environment as well as southern scenes.

Initially, during my education as a scientific illustrator, I completed illustrative assignments, thus fulfilling my urge to freedom and independence. Sonja Burger

My Services...

Popular and scientific illustrations in various techniques:

for companies, advertising agencies, book publishers, magazines, medical technology companies, Doctors and hospitals, etc.

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Advertising illustrations, layout and storyboards:

For advertising agencies, companies, graphic designers etc.

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Magazines and print media:

Illustrations in various techniques for magazines, newspapers, publications, maps, etc.

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Private customers:

Your portrait, animal studies of your pets, your house with surroundings, etc.

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Drawing and painting lessons for schools, ETH, groups and private lessons.

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Pictures sale:

I sell unique / original images and also color laser copies of original images. Watercolors, oil paintings, mixed media, pencil

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Education and career

  • 1978-79 Preliminary Course, School of Design Zurich (SfG)
  • 1979-81 Photographic Retoucher
  • 1981-82 Hospitantin SfG Zurich
  • 1982-86 Department of Scientific Drawing and Illustration SfG Zurich. Diploma thesis, subject: Zoology Additional courses in the fields of lithography, photography, airbrush (spray gun technique)
  • 1988-1990 Part-time position as medical draftsman / illustrator at the University Hospital Zurich, Department of Surgery.
  • Self-employed Illustrator and Scientific Illustrator from 1986
  • 1997-2001 Chief instructor of painting and drawing courses in Switzerland, France and Italy.
  • From 2001 Lecturer in painting and drawing courses at the Seat of Architecture of the ETH Zurich. Lessons at various semester trips in Switzerland and Italy.
  • 2007-2009 Intensive courses and draftsman instruction in freehand drawing at the BBZ (Career Education Centre ) Schaffhausen.
  • Private lessons and intensive courses at primary and secondary school level.
  • Group and solo exhibitions, national/international - (trade exhibitions and independent works).


Schürlimattring 52

5103 Wildegg


Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm



Telefon: +41 62 896 07 65
Mobile: +41 79 448 84 77