"Ice in the desert"

Business project in collaboration with a curling tournament on the Arabian peninsula

IST diploma project  „Höhere Fachschule für Tourismus. - (comic style illustration)



weinetikette fondue01
weinetikette bienefresser02
weinetikette spargeln03
weinetiketten albinoamsel04
Further created examples of Coop Wine Lables:
  • Fendant de Sion, Culinarius (Fondue)
  • Chasselas, Vin de Pays, Südbaden (Bee Eater)
  • Johannisberg, Culinarius (Green and White Asparagus)
  • Merula, Merlot Bianco, Veneto (Albino Blackbird)

eisvogel 01
eisvogel 02
eisvogel 03
eisvogel 04

Various sketches for a new logo "kingfisher". In collaboration with a communication agency in Zurich.

Latest Coop wine labels, illustrated by Sonja Burger, published by Vollherbst-Druck,
and marketed by Coop supermarket chain in Switzerland
Above illustration: Castel del Monte Winery
  • Castel del Monte: Riva, (Castel del Monte Sicily)
  • Eglisauer: Pinot Noir (Church of Eglisau)
  • Roccolo: Ticino, Merlot (Roccolo village)
  • Stammheimer: Pinot Noir (Stammheim chapel)

Zweifel Chips
Zweifel Chips
Zweifel Chips
Zweifel Chips

Recent series for Zweifel Chips, (various Snacketti chips) and 5 Storyboards (colour illustrations) depicting "Gorging monsters."

Client: ARD Design Zürich

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