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Visualised sample dosis

The working task was to graphically demonstrate the influence and exactitude tolerences involved in this particular pipette procedure.

Visual feature referencing key aspects involved in-house analysis in the field of clinical chemistry carried out by Roche Diagnostics

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Various illlustrations depicting "malformations of the Veins" and "phlebografic - angiology in vein-related, low-flow malformation".

These illustrations among others, are used to graphically represent the latest recognition as published in medical journals.

Type I     (Almost) isolated malformation without peripheral drainage

Type II    Malformation that drains into normal veins

Type III   Malformation that drains into dysplastic veins

Type IV   Venous ectasia

Assignment through Dr. R. Kammer and Prof. I Baumgartner

franklin 01
franklin 02
franklin 03
franklin 04
A selection of further coloured illustrations, that I have made for the international franklin-method, www.franklin-methode.ch

weinetikette fondue01
weinetikette bienefresser02
weinetikette spargeln03
weinetiketten albinoamsel04
Further created examples of Coop Wine Lables:
  • Fendant de Sion, Culinarius (Fondue)
  • Chasselas, Vin de Pays, Südbaden (Bee Eater)
  • Johannisberg, Culinarius (Green and White Asparagus)
  • Merula, Merlot Bianco, Veneto (Albino Blackbird)


All illustrations appear in the latest publicised volume "Neurolaryngology" by Sonja Burger.

Neurolaryngology-Book: Springer-Verlag, Editors: Prof. Guntinas-Lichius and Prof. Sittel

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